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When can a customer dispute a NAEDO transaction?

The account holder has the right to declare a dispute against the authority in terms of which a debit payment instruction was processed against his/her account.

When a Customer disputes a transaction within 40 days of the action date, the transaction will be returned immediately for any one of the following reasons:

  • The transaction is not mandated.
  • The transaction is in contravention of the mandate.
  • The mandate for the transaction has been cancelled.
  • The transaction has been previously stopped via a stop payment advice.

No further debits may be submitted for a transaction which has been disputed, unless a new mandate from the account holder has been received.

When the dispute is lodged later than 40 calendar days after action date, the account holder’s bank shall advise the User and give them 30 days to provide the mandate.

If the User fails to submit the requested information within the time period specified in the request, the bank will debit the Users account and refund the account holder for the transaction.

However, where a dispute is received for a transaction where the User holds a voice recorded mandate, on receipt of the dispute notification, the bank will immediately debit the Users account and refund the account holder for the transaction.

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