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When are NAEDO transactions not eligible for clearing?

When they are presented for collections before their mandated action date or the mandate has been obtained less than three days before the mandated action date of the first deduction.

The mandate and related Agreement have been cancelled by the account holder.

Changes were applied to an account number or the beneficiary details (excluding cession arrangements) which were not instructed by the account holder, in writing or electronically in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002.

Amounts were changed by the NAEDO user outside of the context of the mandate.

The amounts of the monthly instalments are amended for the purpose of collecting arrear payments, unless this is specifically mentioned in the mandate and has been authorised by the account holder and If no successful payment is processed for a consecutive period of four months, or if no payment instructions are presented for a consecutive period of four months for that Agreement.

The same payment instruction may not be submitted for collection more than once per day, except for tracking.

One active NAEDO transaction, together with one arrear NAEDO transaction may be processed simultaneously in any given repayment frequency. The active NAEDO payment instruction together with the arrear NAEDO payment instruction may not be combined into one transaction but must be processed as two separate NAEDO transactions.

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