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What is the NAEDO debit order collection service?

Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) aims to level the electronic debit order collection playing field by creating an equal opportunity for creditors to collect funds from their debtors.

NAEDO debit order collections allow for collecting up to R30, 000 per debit instruction and run in a preferential, randomised manner before the standard EFT debit order run. This ensures that each creditor has an equal chance of successful collection.

Credit tracking of up to 32 days may be included on NAEDO collection instructions. If a debtor obtains funds within the tracking period these will be immediately debited to fulfil the NAEDO debit order.

All NAEDO payment instructions, are randomised giving all Users an equal opportunity of receiving payment and are processed as close as possible after salary credits are paid into the bank accounts of Customers in the early morning.

In order to process through the EDO system you will need to be registered with the PSSF.

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