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What are the minimum requirements for a voice mandate?
When users’ sign-up new customers the following minimum requirements must be applied for voice mandates
1.The following details must be present during the voice recording process:
Abbreviated Name on bank statement
Beneficiary name
Call Center name
Contact Telephone Number
Contract Reference Number
Current date
Commencement/Action date
Payer’s bank particulars, including account number, type of account, branch code
Surname and initials of account holder
Value of amount that will be deducted
2. The voice recorded mandate must be confirmed to the account holder in writing to the account holder within 21 days of the recording of the mandate and prior to any debit payment instructions being processed to the account of the account holder
3. A customer must be made aware of the fact that his/her voice is being recorded and that the recorded message will be accepted as the official authority to debit
4. A customer must be made aware of the unique contract reference and abbreviated short name to be reflected on the account holder’s bank statement
5. Recording devices must be reliable and with acceptable acoustic quality (preferably SABS approved)
6. The recorded messages must be properly indexed for easy accessibility to promptly deal with inquiries and disputes
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