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Debit Order Signup Requirements

Basic requirement Type of document
1. Copy of ID document of all directors/members/trusteesRSA ID document
2. Proof of residence of all directors/members/trusteesWater & lights, rates & taxes, Telkom landline, lease agreement, third party letter + owner utility
3. Proof of trading addressLease agreement, Telkom landline, water & lights, rates & taxes, third party letter + owner utility
4. Company documentation-
•Private company COR14.3/CM1
•Close corporation CK1/CK2
•NPC (Non-profit company)COR 14.3 & COR 15.1
•NGO (Non-government organisation)NGO registration
•NPO (Non-profit organisation)NPO registration
•Trust Trust deed/Trust amendment
•Sole proprietor-
5. Basic company profileCompany profile - can include website or paper profile of company products/services
6. At least three (3) months bank statementsStamped bank statements for the last three (3) months
7. Sample of at least three (3) debit order mandates signed by customersSample of three (3) debit order mandates
8. If company has previously debited through another debit order providerDebit order statistics (successful,unsuccessful,dispute%)
9. Online Application Go to
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