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How does the File Upload system work?

The File Upload system is a web-based debit order system where you load your debit order files to be processed. Direct Debit provides you with a login (user code and password) where you can upload your debit order batch file to the system for processing (csv file formats). After processing, reconciliation is provided in report form which includes submitted report, rejection report, unpaid report and repayment reports for your convenience. The account verification service is as well as check digit verification is done using this debit order system.


Uploading a file

When uploading a file, you will need to select the service type which is either a 2-day debit or same day debit and the action date for your file to be processed.

Validating a file

When validating a file, you will ensure that the transaction does pass the CDV checks.


Processed Transaction Report

The processed transaction report displays all of the transactions processed between specific action dates or per batch number.

Unpaid Transaction Report

The unpaid transaction report displays all of the transactions that return an unpaid code between specific action dates/unpaid dates with an option of sorting the transactions per unpaid reason.

Rejected Transaction Report

The rejected transaction report displays transactions rejected due to account details entered incorrectly which do not pass CDV, for example invalid account number or branch account. The rejected transaction report also displays critical/non-critical unpaids as these transactions are rejected until they are reinstated.

Critical/Non-critical Unpaid Report

The critical/non-critical unpaid report displays accounts that are critically unpaid for previously unpaid reasons like no authority to debit or stop payment. The report also displays accounts that are non-critically unpaid which will occur if the account has been unpaid twice in a three month period.

Dispute Report

The dispute report displays accounts that have the following reversal codes:

-No Authority to debit

-Debit in contravention of mandate

-Authorisation cancelled

-Stopped via stop payment

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