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How does the File Upload system work?

The debit order file upload system allows you to upload a file or to create a file for manual processing.

The File Upload system is a web-based debit order system where you load your debit order files to be processed. Direct Debit provides you with a login (user code and password) where you can upload your debit order batch file to the system for processing (formats accepted include .csv, .xlsx and .xls). As part of this system, we also include on-screen capturing if you prefer not to submit an excel sheet for processing.

The account verification (AVS) is also submitted through this system.

After processing, reconciliation is provided in report form which includes processed report, unpaid report, dispute report, rejection report, financial summary, repayment report and bank report for your convenience.

Uploading a file

  • Click on Upload Batch in menu.
  • Choose a file to upload. The formats accepted are .csv, .xlsx or .xls.
  • Click on the formats to see what it looks like in the file if you are unsure (system will generate a csv, xlsx or xls file with test data in file).
  • Click on Upload.
  • The system will first validate the transactions to ensure that the account number and branch code is valid through CDV checks. If the transaction is invalid the sytem will let you know with the reason for it being invalid.
  • You will be able to change the details on screen and then click on Save once you are happy and then Submit.

Creating a File

  • Click on Create Batch.
  • Complete the details of the transaction on screen (you can add multiple clients on screen).
  • The system will validate transactions as you capture them on screen.
  • Click on Save once you are happy and then Submit.

Submitting a file

  • Once transactions are all valid you can click on Submit.
  • On the submit screen, we provide you with a summary of the batch you are about to submit. You will also need to select two day, same day or NAEDO and add the action date which the debits need to be processed for.
  • Click on Submit. The file has successfully been submitted to the system for processing.
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