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How does the Contract Management system work?

Direct Debit's automated debit order system allows your clients with fixed amounts to recurrently process without you having to manually upload files/transactions.

This system was created for you to load a customer once, set the payment to either perpetual or a specific number of months and the debit is processed automatically. At the specified action dates the system will automatically extract a file and upload it for processing for the set contract length or until the client cancels. Client information can be loaded and updated. File will be extracted 3 days prior to the action date. There should be no manipulation of contracts within this period.

Some of the features of the automated debit order system:

  • Automation of the debit order run
  • Easy to use interface
  • Debit orders created from E-Mandate
  • Advanced reporting and statements
  • Full ledger & memo on each client

After processing reconciliation is provided which includes client listing, pre and post run report, rejection report, processed report, unpaid report, dispute report, rejections report, repayment report and bank statement report.

The contracts can be created using either Mandate Manager or manually setting up each contract for future processing.

Manual Contract Capture (DOS)

  • Click on Create Contract in the Menu.
  • Complete the client details including client reference and account holder name.
  • Complete the contract details including banking details, transaction type, amount of payments, frequency of payments, amounts (including prorated and recurring) and action date.
  • Click on Save and you have successfully saved the automated contract to process going forward.

Automated Contract Capture (Mandate Manager) (DOS)

  • Click on Mandate Manager in the Menu.
  • Click on Show new E-mandates.
  • Click on the highlighted reference number of the new E-mandate signed by your customer.
  • Client details and Contract details have already been captured from the mandate. Do ensure that the action day selected is still valid or change to a valid future date by changing the action day.
  • Click on Save and you have successfully saved the automated contract to process going forward.

Contract Processing (DOS)

  • The contracts will extract automatically for processing before the action date, during the extraction time it is advised that you do not change anything on the contract as this could result in the contract not processing.
  • Click on View Batches to view which contracts have been extracted for processing. This will be indicated with state of batch “VALID”.
  • Two (2) business days before action date for two day debits and on the action day for same day the batch will be processed automatically. This will be indicated with state of batch “SUBMITTED”.
  • The User will receive an email with the run confirmation and VET report for each batch that have successfully been submitted.
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