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Accurate Banking Details

Users must ensure that the account numbers and/or credit card numbers used are accurate and belong to the intended beneficiary, as debit order operates solely on account numbers/card number. Check Digit Verification (CDV) is built in to all of our systems to ensure the account number and branch code or credit card number provided is a valid account or credit card number. That said, this type of verification cannot establish whether the account belongs to a specific beneficiary. An Account Verification Service (AVS) is available which enables the User to verify that the bank account details are correct prior to the submission of a transaction.

Check Digit Validation (CDV)

Direct Debit's partner SnapBill provides a Check Digit Validation service that enables you to validate multiple accounts at once or have agents available that can complete the details on screen and receive the result immediately. For more information, visit SnapBill here:

Account Verification Service (AVS)

The Account Verification Service verifies whether the banking details belong to the individual/legal entity, whether the account has been open for more than three (3) months and whether the account accepts debit order. The service is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.

Incorrect account and/or branch account numbers will be handled as follows

  • If the error is detected by account holder's bank at the time of posting the transaction to the account, the item will be returned.
  • If a credit is paid to the incorrect account as a result of an incorrect account number being submitted, the User can request Direct Debit to assist with the recovery of the amount involved. Direct Debit is not under any obligation to assist beyond supplying the name and address of the person who was paid in error. The User must then seek recourse from the party concerned.
  • Users may not generate debit transactions to reverse a credit transaction or visa versa.
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