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 +====== What other services are available using the Credit Check System? ======
 +  - Extensive consumer and commercial credit reports, NLR and CPA data.
 +  - Company registration data on [[|CIPC]]. 
 +  - Debtor collection management allowing for listing on Transunion through CollectIT. 
 +  - Tracing and tracking of bad debtors through TraceIT.
 +  - List default debtors with Transunion and Experian consumer and commercial using ListIT. 
 +  - A direct link into all the deeds offices with online reports on ownership, mortgages and title history.
 +  - Obtain electronic title deed documents through DocCopy.
 +  - Online computer assisted property valuations. 
 +  - The National Address Directory allows fast matching of addresses to erf numbers and ownership confirmation.