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Additional services

AVS (Account Holder Verification) E-Mandate (Electronic Mandate) EFT Credits (EFT payment, salaries)
DefinitionVerify account details with bank detailsElectronic debit order authorisationRecurring payment (salary)
Main FunctionVerify whether the account belongs to person/entityAuthorise debit order transactions electronicallyEfficient processing of salaries, account payments
Additional Functions 1.Check ID/reg number match 1.Sign on any device 1.Same day payments submitted before 12:00
2.Check if account is open for > 3 months 2.Sign up from anywhere 2.1 day service submitted 1 day prior to action date before 12:00
3.Check if account belongs to entity/person 3.Advanced signature authentication Mobile OTP
4.Check if account accepts debit orders 4.QR Bar codes
5.Fully customisable
6.Easy integration with systems
7.Full audit trail
8.Unlimited storage
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